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Shopping Cards


In addition to the monthly credit accounts, we accept purchasing cards issued by all major banks plus the All Star and American Express, so your employees can easily make a hire- with transactions charged to your card account.


HSS Hire shops account holders , card statements list details of the VAT


The cards markets enable firms to handle rentals with multiple orders more efficiently, with improved administration and ensure expenditure control.


HSS payment conviniences

Hire without advance payment

At the start of the lease we register your credit card at our terminal and we ask you to sign an approval. The transaction value is charged on the return of the equipment (or at the interval if the rental period is longer than two weeks). This way you will not be charged immediately and you can postpone payment until you finish working with the equipment.


Transaction Types

Customers may choose one of three flexible and convenient payment methods.

HSS Hire shops Credit Account
2. Corporate Shopping Card
HSS Trade Card


Monthly credit accounts can usually be opened immediately and are subject to a few simple rules. The director of the branch will be happy to assist you or you can contact us via the web.


Cash card charging


Customers that prefer to pay in advance will have to pay a deposit of about twice the weekly fee. On return of the equipment we subtract your rental fee and return the rest. For your protection we can ask for two identities in the beginning of the lease.


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