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Telephone order

You can place your order by phone. We can deliver at your home or at your workplace by charging your credit card.

The Lease Agreement

The agreement is provided with details of the conditions of hire. For its signing, an identity is required. If you wish to extend the time of hiring just consult the store's manager.

Accidental destruction

With a minimum cost of insurance (10% of rent) the client is ensured against the risk of destruction of equipment. To make use of our offer state it during the signing of the contract.

First Day

The charge for the first 24 hours rental.

Extra Days

The charge for extra days after the first day or week.


The charge applies for renting from any time on Saturday to a maximum return at 10 am on Monday.

Per Week

The charge for renting one week.


The charge for delivery or receipt of equipment from our company.

Rent without advance payment - with Credit Card

At the start of the rental we open an account in which you sign but remains inactive. We keep the receipt until the end of the tenancy and then it will only display the final transaction amount. You will not be charged with any amount before the return of the equipment you rent.
Rent by cash or check - Deposit And Identity Required  

This process provides an advance payment equal to 3 times the charge of the machine for a week and should cover the entire duration of the lease. At the end of your rental we refund the difference between the advance payment and the charging of the equipment.

Sale or Return

Consumables returned unused at the end of your rental will not be charged. So it's best to take most of what you may require so as to make your job more comfortable.